The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, Vocabulary List Chapters 7-9

The Storm Runner Vocabulary List

  1. anxious | see definition»

    afraid or nervous especially about what may happen

    Brooks looked around anxiously.

  2. comply | see definition»

    to act in agreement with another's wishes or in obedience to a rule

    I couldn't tell what it was thinking, but fortunately, it complied.

  3. contingency | see definition»

    something (such as an emergency) that might happen

    (You gods really tried to cover all contingencies, didn't you?)

  4. defective | see definition»

    having a defect or flaw

    "It's defective for one reason only."

  5. dismantle | see definition»

    to take completely apart (as for storing or repair)

    We reached the wall the demon runner had been dismantling before.

  6. eon | see definition»

    a very long period of time — usually plural

    "It started eons ago."

  7. fawn | see definition»

    to show affection —used especially of a dog

    "Out here in the middle of the desert with old Ortiz fawning all over me."

  8. fret | see definition»

    to worry or be concerned

    Absolutely nothing to fret about.

  9. gauge | see definition»

    to make a judgment about

    "One can never fully gauge its temperament or understand its logic."

  10. legacy | see definition»

    something (as memories or knowledge) that comes from the past or a person of the past

    "It's my ancestral legacy."

  11. mercurial | see definition»

    changing moods quickly and often — used to describe someone who often changes from being happy to being angry or upset in a quick and unexpected way

    "Magic is so mercurial," she said.

  12. obscure | see definition»

    to hide or cover (something) : to be in front of (something) so that it cannot be seen

    "Those humans were smart and could understand too much, so the gods sent a great fog to obscure some of their knowledge."

  13. omen | see definition»

    a happening believed to be a sign or warning of a future event

    Mom said they were omens of death and to stay away from them.

  14. pivot | see definition»

    to turn on or around a central point

    I pivoted and continued into the darkness.

  15. privy | see definition»

    allowed to know about (something secret)

    I'm certainly not privy to the contents of her heart.

  16. quest | see definition»

    a usually adventurous journey made in search of something

    "It's my quest."

  17. radiate | see definition»

    to spread around from or as if from a center

    A burning sensation radiated through my body.

  18. reduce | see definition»

    to bring to a usually worse state

    In that millisecond, everything I knew or thought I knew was reduced to one word: poison.

  19. subside | see definition»

    to become less strong or intense

    "I've got to go," Brooks shouted as the rain subsided.

  20. summon | see definition»

    to call into being

    "You'll know when the magic summons you."

  21. tedious | see definition»

    tiring because of length or dullness

    It must have been really tedious work.

  22. temperament | see definition»

    a person's attitude as it affects what he or she says or does

    "One can never fully gauge its temperament or understand its logic."

  23. writhe | see definition»

    to twist and turn from side to side

    It writhed and screamed as its skin sizzled.

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