The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, Vocabulary List Chapters 1-3

The Storm Runner Vocabulary List

  1. bleary | see definition»

    very tired and unable to see clearly

    I had a pounding headache and bleary vision.

  2. cataclysm | see definition»

    something that causes great destruction, violence, etc.

    Or maybe Holy Ghost (who named that school, anyway?) would disappear off the face of the earth in a freak cataclysmic accident.

  3. churn | see definition»

    to feel the effects of an emotion (as fear)

    It was all quiet, except for the crickets and my guts churning.

  4. claustrophobic | see definition»

    not having enough space for people to feel comfortable

    Seemed a pretty lame (and claustrophobic) place to live.

  5. deny | see definition»

    to declare not to be true

    "You were afraid, don't try to deny it."

  6. eclipse | see definition»

    a complete or partial hiding of the sun caused by the moon's passing between the sun and the earth

    You're invited to the Great American Total Eclipse.

  7. eerie | see definition»

    causing fear and uneasiness : STRANGE

    An eerie yellowish-blue light.

  8. frantic | see definition»

    feeling or showing a lot of fear and worry

    I got to my feet, frantically scanning the dark.

  9. gripe | see definition»

    to complain about something

    There was no point in my griping about the uniform.

  10. hallucination | see definition»

    the seeing of objects or the experiencing of feelings that are not real but are usually the result of mental disorder or the effect of a drug

    Except what I saw had to have been some kind of a hallucination.

  11. inventory | see definition»

    a list of items (as goods on hand)

    My head was pounding and, after a quick inventory.

  12. investigate | see definition»

    to study by close examination and questioning

    Naturally, I went to investigate, half expecting to find a hurt animal.

  13. labyrinth | see definition»

    a place that has many confusing paths and passages

    It led to a whole labyrinth of caves, and for half a second I'd thought about calling National Geographic or something.

  14. mimic | see definition»

    to make fun of by imitating

    Most of the time he was pinning me in the dirt and mimicking a roaring crowd like it was some big deal to beat me, the Freak.

  15. myth | see definition»

    a story often describing the adventures of beings with more than human powers that attempts to explain mysterious events (as the changing of the seasons) or that explains a religious belief or practice

    On my nightstand was the Maya mythology book Mom had given me for my eighth birthday.

  16. optimistic | see definition»

    expecting good things to happen : HOPEFUL

    Yeah, you could say I was super optimistic.

  17. peer | see definition»

    to look curiously or carefully

    I tossed off the covers, got up, and peered out the window.

  18. predict | see definition»

    to say that (something) will or might happen in the future

    "Did you predict the plane crash?"

  19. primordial | see definition»

    existing from the beginning of time : very ancient

    I wished I could turn into primordial ooze and seep into the ground.

  20. reel | see definition»

    to be in a confused or dizzy state

    My mind was reeling too much to be sure.

  21. riffle | see definition»

    to look through quickly

    My mind went into hyper-speed, riffling through all the words that could describe my leg but not define me.

  22. sacred | see definition»

    highly valued and important : deserving great respect

    Mom called it a sacred ancestral blessing.

  23. skittish | see definition»

    easily frightened

    She was all skin and bones, and she acted skittish at first.

  24. thrust | see definition»

    a forward or upward push

    The plane's thrust shook the ground, sending me stumbling, but I caught myself.

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