Pages & Co.: The Bookwanderers by Anna James Chapters 37-39

The Bookwanderers Vocabulary List

  1. blanch | see definition»

    to turn pale

    At the sight of Chalk, Bea blanched.

  2. brandish | see definition»

    to wave or shake in a threatening manner

    "You can have your big reunion back in there," he said, brandishing his copy of A Little Princess.

  3. debacle | see definition»

    a great disaster or complete failure

    "I'll even do you the courtesy of letting you keep your daughter and her friend, however he got mixed up with this debacle, with you."

  4. demise | see definition»

    the end or ending of life

    "They rally around the most undeserving of characters and cheer at the demise of the most admirable of men."

  5. fickle | see definition»

    changing often : not reliable

    "Readers are so fickle."

  6. flagrant | see definition»

    so bad as to be impossible to overlook

    "Not just disobeyed, but flagrantly flouted, in fact."

  7. flout | see definition»

    to ignore in an open and disrespectful way

    "Not just disobeyed, but flagrantly flouted, in fact."

  8. gloat | see definition»

    to talk or think about something with mean or selfish satisfaction

    "Her former life is a mere shadow now," Chalk gloated.

  9. mirth | see definition»

    happiness and laughter : merry behavior

    "Now Oskar," Chalk said, laughing without mirth.

  10. precarious | see definition»

    not safe, strong, or steady

    "So many questions for one in such a precarious situation," Chalk said.

  11. rectify | see definition»

    to set or make right

    "Now is not the time to rectify your shamefully shallow understanding of the purpose of the Underlibrary," Chalk said.

  12. revive | see definition»

    to bring back or come back to life, consciousness, freshness, or activity

    Tilly desperately shook her mum's hands, trying to revive her so they could work out how to get back home, but the air shimmered again only moments later.

  13. squander | see definition»

    to spend foolishly : WASTE

    "The things you take for granted and squander every single day!"

  14. unprecedented | see definition»

    not done or experienced before

    "A Source character on the loose who seems determined to bend the rules of bookwandering to his own aims is a rather unprecedented turn of events, even for the Underlibrary."

  15. wan | see definition»

    showing little effort or energy

    Bea smiled wanly.

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