Pages & Co.: The Bookwanderers by Anna James Chapters 9-13

The Bookwanderers Vocabulary List

  1. amble | see definition»

    to walk at a slow easy pace

    "Have either of you ever been to Canada before?" Anne asked as the three of them ambled along.

  2. authoritative | see definition»

    having or showing impressive knowledge about a subject

    "The problem is that not enough people are best-friend material," Tilly said authoritatively.

  3. beseech | see definition»

    to ask in a serious and emotional way

    He looked beseechingly at Tilly, who wasn't at all sure if she wanted to hear it until Alice kicked her under the table.

  4. blunt | see definition»

    speaking or spoken in plain language without thought for other people's feelings

    "Anne was just like I'd hoped, although Alice is kind of blunt."

  5. commend | see definition»

    to speak or write of with approval : PRAISE

    "Your discipline is commendable, and we shall all be most inspired by it."

  6. concede | see definition»

    to admit to be true

    "I know the characters I'm seeing are fictional," Tilly conceded.

  7. conspiratorial | see definition»

    suggesting that something secret is being shared

    "You'll be able to meet Gilbert too!" she added conspiratorially.

  8. déjà vu | see definition»

    the feeling that you have already experienced something that is actually happening for the first time

    "No room! No room!" the hare shouted, and Tilly felt a strange sense of déjà vu.

  9. feeble | see definition»

    lacking in strength or endurance

    Oskar shook it feebly.

  10. inextricable | see definition»

    impossible to separate : closely joined or related

    Tilly felt a familiar discomfort settle on her that seemed inextricably linked to classrooms.

  11. involuntary | see definition»

    not done by choice

    Tilly gave an involuntary shiver as he left.

  12. mournful | see definition»

    full of sorrow or sadness

    "I can't believe she did that," Anne said mournfully.

  13. mutinous | see definition»

    feeling or showing a desire to disobey

    "You wouldn't say that if you'd read it," Tilly said, feeling mutinous.

  14. ornate | see definition»

    decorated in a fancy way

    His gray tie was held in place with a finely wrought silver tiepin in the shape of an ornate, old-fashioned key.

  15. prim | see definition»

    very formal and proper

    Tilly reached the second floor, stewing in her frustration, and there she found Alice sitting primly on the sofa.

  16. quarrel | see definition»

    an angry argument or disagreement

    "The Hatter had a bit of a quarrel with Time," Alice explained quietly.

  17. recuperate | see definition»

    to regain health or strength

    "His father was awfully sick and went to recuperate in Alberta and Gilbert went with him."

  18. resolute | see definition»

    firmly determined

    Whatever it was, Anne's hand in hers had been resolutely real.

  19. reverie | see definition»

    the state of being lost in thought especially about pleasant things

    Anne immediately jolted out of her reverie and started fizzing with excitement as she gestured to the top of the hill, where Tilly could see Avonlea school.

  20. scandalize | see definition»

    to shock or offend (someone) by doing something immoral or illegal

    Anne looked scandalized.

  21. technically | see definition»

    according to a very strict explanation of a rule, fact, etc.

    "Well, yes, I suppose, technically, but the baddies are more interesting sometimes, don't you think?"

  22. template | see definition»

    a shape or pattern that is cut out of a hard material (such as metal or plastic) and used to make the same shape and pattern in other pieces of material

    "So, I'll hold this template on each brownie and you're going to shake some icing sugar through the sieve, and then, hopefully, we'll peel it off and each one will have a sugar paw print in the middle. Got it?"

  23. triumphant | see definition»

    celebrating victory of success

    "Jack peeled back the baking paper pattern and gave Tilly a triumphant high five, causing another icing-sugar cloud.

  24. woeful | see definition»

    full of grief or misery

    "I'm not some kind of performing monkey, Matilda," Anne said woefully.

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