Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen by Debbi Michiko Florence, Vocabulary List Chapters 7-13

Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen Vocabulary List

  1. blossom | see definition»

    to appear, change, grow, or develop

    The seed of worry blossomed into a huge flower of worry.

  2. brace | see definition»

    to get ready

    I braced myself, ready to fight him for it.

  3. congratulate | see definition»

    to tell (someone) that you are happy because of his or her success or good luck

    He patted Eddie on the back and congratulated him.

  4. discover | see definition»

    to find out, see, or learn of especially for the first time : FIND

    "Before everyone discovers your secret hiding place."

  5. eventually | see definition»

    at some later time : in the end

    I did eventually get my homework done, though.

  6. fail | see definition»

    to be unsuccessful

    I failed in front of everyone!

  7. feast | see definition»

    a very large or fancy meal

    They had to cook the food for tomorrow's New Year's Day feast.

  8. nerve | see definition»

    feelings of worry

    I hopped around the room the room, full of nerves and energy.

  9. nudge | see definition»

    to touch or push gently

    He nudged it toward me with his foot.

  10. permission | see definition»

    the approval of a person in authority

    This was the first time I was breaking a rule with mom and dad's permission!

  11. pretend | see definition»

    to give the appearance of being, having, or doing

    Then I gave Leo another turn, pretending they were mochi hammers.

  12. scowl | see definition»

    to look at someone or something in a way that shows anger or disapproval

    His face went back to his usual scowl when Dad tapped my shoulder and said, "Your turn, Jasmine!"

  13. search | see definition»

    to carefully look for someone or something : to try to find someone or something

    Next I searched the bathroom.

  14. surround | see definition»

    to enclose on all sides : ENCIRCLE

    I loved being surrounded by my family.

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