Hoot by Carl Hiaasen, Vocabulary List Chapters 10-12

Hoot Vocabulary List

  1. alliance | see definition»

    a relationship in which people, groups, or countries agree to work together

    Long before his mother sent him away for the last time, the boy and his stepsister had forged a quiet alliance.

  2. avail | see definition»

    help toward reaching a goal

    Heatedly he banged a mayonnaise-smeared fist on the side of the television console, to no avail.

  3. ballistic | see definition»

    to become very angry

    Leon seemed more puzzled than upset, but Lonna went totally ballistic.

  4. carnage | see definition»

    the killing of many people

    The nurse steered him down a back corridor to the emergency room, where Roy was relieved to find no chaos or carnage.

  5. chronicle | see definition»

    an account of events in the order of their happening

    This was to become a recurring scene in the Deep family chronicles.

  6. commode | see definition»

    a low piece of furniture with drawers or sometimes a door and shelves

    His hand trembling, Curly lowered the pistol and stared ruefully at what he'd done. He'd accidentally shot the commode.

  7. conduct | see definition»

    the way that a person behaves in a particular place or situation

    Instead she continued to pretend that her son was doing fine, that his grades were good and his conduct was improving.

  8. contemplate | see definition»

    to think deeply or carefully about (something)

    Undoubtedly, the special-effect department would give her six green legs and a pair of antennae, which Curly found intriguing to contemplate.

  9. entice | see definition»

    to attract (someone) especially by offering or showing something that is appealing, interesting, etc.

    Enticed by the sweet warm smell, he reached across and grabbed two cookies off the top of the pile.

  10. exceptional | see definition»

    unusually good : much better than average

    Beatrice had sized up his mother perfectly: Mrs. Eberhardt kept an exceptionally neat house.

  11. excursion | see definition»

    a short trip especially for pleasure

    Her mother was in town visiting, and the two of them had planned numerous shopping excursions for Saturday and Sunday.

  12. forbid | see definition»

    to order (someone) not to do something

    Her stepbrother had forbidden them from giving his name to the hospital, for fear that his mother would be notified.

  13. gory | see definition»

    having or showing a lot of violence and blood

    Other kids could be really curious about that gory stuff, but not Roy.

  14. impulsive | see definition»

    acting or tending to act suddenly and without careful thought

    When the emergency room clerk asked Beatrice for her stepbrother's name, address, and phone number, Roy impulsively had stepped forward and blurted his own.

  15. maul | see definition»

    to attack and injure (someone) in a way that cuts or tears skin :to attack (someone) and cause a bloody injury

    Not wishing to be mauled by dogs (or gored by the umbrella), Curly had remained outside the gate, watching in puzzlement.

  16. pathetic | see definition»

    very bad, poor, weak, etc.

    He was a pathetic liar, and he knew it.

  17. potent | see definition»

    very effective or strong

    Her brow furrowed at the thought of glass beakers bubbling with potent chemicals.

  18. sabotage | see definition»

    to destroy or damage (something) deliberately so that it does not work correctly

    Who sabotaged my equipment, and when?

  19. snippet | see definition»

    a small piece of information or news

    He was trained to remain calm while sorting through loose snippets of information.

  20. stealthy | see definition»

    quiet and secret in order to avoid being noticed

    Beatrice's stepbrother rose stealthily, tugged off his new sneakers, and crept forward.

  21. stern | see definition»

    expressing strong disapproval or criticism

    Dr. Gonzalez fixed Roy with a stern gaze, though there was an edge of amusement in her voice.

  22. tragic | see definition»

    causing strong feelings of sadness usually because someone has died in a way that seems very shocking, unfair, etc.

    Roy didn't understand how a mother could kick her own child out of her life, but he knew such tragic things occurred.

  23. vicious | see definition»

    very dangerous

    He recalled that the cranky foreman had threatened to unleash vicious guard dogs, and he assumed they were the ones that bit Mullet Fingers.

  24. notify | see definition»

    to tell (someone) officially about something

    As the guidance counselor at Trace Middle School, Garrett's mother was notified whenever a student got into trouble with the law.

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