Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry Chapters 12-17

Gathering Blue Vocabulary List

  1. amend | see definition»

    to change for the better : IMPROVE

    "Well, it's probably nothing important," Thomas amended.

  2. conclusion | see definition»

    final decision reached by reasoning

    And the answer seemed to be the conclusion they had reached: they were artists, the three of them.

  3. discern | see definition»

    to detect with the eyes : distinguish

    His expression was hard to discern, but his voice was firm and certain."

  4. dubious | see definition»

    feeling doubt

    "Cats?" Thomas repeated dubiously.

  5. entrepreneur | see definition»

    a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money

    No wonder Matt had become such a clever manipulator and entrepreneur.

  6. exuberant | see definition»

    filled with energy and enthusiasm

    As if in response, they heard the tap-tapping of the dog's feet in the corridor; then Branch appeared in the doorway, his head cocked, ears up, bent tail wagging exuberantly.

  7. fester | see definition»

    to become worse as time passes

    But it was darker here, with the threes thick overhead, and festering with dampness and an odor of ill health.

  8. fetid | see definition»

    having a strong, unpleasant smell

    The fetid air still hung humid.

  9. furtive | see definition»

    done in a sneaky or sly manner

    Furtively, Marlena confided, "I heard that them songs was full of knowledges."

  10. gaunt | see definition»

    very thin and bony (as from illness or hunger)

    Being the fluttering wet leaves a gaunt-face woman was holding a tyke in her arms and looking out.

  11. grotesque | see definition»

    unnatural in an odd or ugly way

    Kira stared in dismay at his grotesque but accurate imitation of death.

  12. incessant | see definition»

    going on and on : not stopping or letting up

    In some ways it was similar to the place that Kira had called home: the small cotts, close together; the incessant wailing of infants.

  13. inflection | see definition»

    a change in the pitch of a person's voice

    The voice and the inflection of the words — though the words themselves were not clear — sounded familiar to Kira.

  14. intuitive | see definition»

    easily and quickly learned or understood

    She leaned down toward the little girl, intuitively.

  15. primitive | see definition»

    of or belonging to an early stage of development

    They came to a foul-smell stream and crossed it by a slippery, primitive bridge of logs.

  16. scrutinize | see definition»

    to examine very closely

    His voice was courteous and friendly as together they scrutinized the folds of the outstretched robe.

  17. serenity | see definition»

    the quality or state of being calm and peaceful

    But the sections of serenity were exquisite.

  18. sly | see definition»

    showing that you know a secret

    Matt was too sly and too clever to respond.

  19. solace | see definition»

    comfort in times of sorrow or worry

    As the door closed behind Jamison, she stroked the cloth, seeking its solace, but it seemed to withdraw from her touch, almost as if it were trying to warn her of something.

  20. solitary | see definition»

    growing or living alone : not one of a group or cluster

    If she had waited, Jamison could have found her, told her of the death, explained, and she would not feel so shocked and solitary.

  21. squalor | see definition»

    very bad and dirty conditions

    Kira, in Thomas's room, looked down through the window at the squalor of the village and listened to its chaotic din as workers in the various sheds finished their last chores.

  22. sullen | see definition»

    not sociable : SULKY

    The men sullen and edgy, the women complaining loudly because weather kept them from their usual chores.

  23. wistful | see definition»

    feeling or showing a quiet longing especially for something in the past

    "It's better than anything she ever had," Kira murmured, remembering Annabella wistfully.

  24. wry | see definition»

    showing both amusement and a feeling of being tired, annoyed, etc

    "The bathroom and the hot water," Kira said, with a wry smile.

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