Framed! by James Ponti Chapters 24-31

Framed! Vocabulary List

  1. ambush | see definition»

    to attack by surprise from a hidden place

    "One of the news stations ambushed him outside his construction company," said Dad.

  2. banish | see definition»

    to cause to go away

    The television was banished as though Philo T. Farnsworth had never invented it.

  3. categorical | see definition»

    said in a very strong, clear, and definite way

    "According to this statement from Nevrescu's attorney, the businessman categorically denies any involvement," she said.

  4. cavalry | see definition»

    a unit of troops mounted on horseback or moving in motor vehicles

    The Cavalry Arrives.

  5. chaos | see definition»

    complete confusion and disorder

    Nevrescu's henchmen were scrambling to get away from the barn, chaos was everywhere, but I didn't hear a thing.

  6. confidential | see definition»

    secret or private

    "Since the bidding records he showed us were confidential, he knew we'd never be able to compare them to the originals."

  7. consecutive | see definition»

    following one another in order without gaps

    At one point I think my mother literally hugged me for thirty consecutive minutes without letting go.

  8. constituency | see definition»

    a group of people who support, are served by, or are represented by an organization, business, etc.

    Three other girls ran, and I think I squeaked in because they split the popular-girl vote, thereby leaving the geeky-boy superhero-fan-club constituency all for me.

  9. despite | see definition»

    without being prevented by (something) — used to say that something happens or is true even though there is something that might prevent it from happening or being true

    They couldn't so I decided to run through the rain, and despite Margaret's warnings, I planned to take every shortcut I knew.

  10. eventually | see definition»

    at some later time : in the end

    "Eventually my boss came into our studio and told us to leave early and not speak to the press."

  11. excruciating | see definition»

    very painful : causing great mental or physical pain

    "But if you so much as make another move toward either of these children, I will not hesitate to use them in ways that you will find excruciatingly uncomfortable."

  12. far-fetched | see definition»

    not likely to be true

    As far as my participation, a few reporters mention a rumor about a kid being involved, but it seemed so far far-fetched and strange that no one gave it much thought.

  13. grimace | see definition»

    to twist the face

    She continued to twist his fingers and he grimaced in agony, a line of sweat forming on his forehead.

  14. literally | see definition»

    in a way that uses the ordinary and usual meaning of a word

    Kayla literally had to jump up to get into the backseat with us.

  15. nondescript | see definition»

    not easily described : having no special or interesting qualities, parts, etc. : typical and uninteresting

    It was large and nondescript, about a half mile from the Hoover Building.

  16. perception | see definition»

    the way you think about or understand someone or something

    Seeing Nevrescu in action completely changed my perception of him.

  17. prime | see definition»

    most important

    "Nicolae Nevrescu was identified as the prime suspect."

  18. rabid | see definition»

    having or expressing a very extreme opinion about or interest in something

    I'm a rabid fan of the DC Dynamo girl soccer team.

  19. resignation | see definition»

    the feeling of a person who is prepared to accept something unpleasant

    She shook her head and let out a sigh of resignation.

  20. revelation | see definition»

    a secret or surprising fact that is made known

    That's when I had my revelation.

  21. rural | see definition»

    relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture

    The giant man from the Happy Leprechaun Flower Shop knocked me unconscious, threw me into the back of the truck, and drove me to a farm in rural Virginia.

  22. triumphant | see definition»

    celebrating victory of success

    "The case is closed," I declared triumphantly.

  23. unconscious | see definition»

    not awake especially because of an injury, drug, etc.

    The giant man from the Happy Leprechaun Flower Shop knocked me unconscious, threw me into the back of the truck, and drove me to a farm in rural Virginia.

  24. vulnerable | see definition»

    open to attack or damage

    "Then you told me that my biggest vulnerability was that if someone knew I was on a case, they could set a trap."

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