Framed! by James Ponti Chapters 18-23

Framed! Vocabulary List

  1. adamant | see definition»

    not giving in

    She was so adamant that he couldn't be involved.

  2. alibi | see definition»

    an excuse for not being somewhere or doing something

    "We've looked at all the custodians who've worked in the National Gallery in the last year and each one has a solid alibi."

  3. anonymous | see definition»

    not named or identified

    "Why be an anonymous entity?" asked Margaret.

  4. baffled | see definition»

    extremely confused or puzzled

    "Those are such random numbers," I said, completely baffled.

  5. chronological | see definition»

    arranged in or according to the order of time

    "So let's line them up in chronological order."

  6. coincide | see definition»

    to agree exactly

    I can't imagine anyone planning a major museum heist to coincide with giving birth.

  7. constant | see definition»

    remaining steady and unchanged

    She kept a constant lookout for anyone suspicious and was certain the man in the slow-moving Volkswagen was an EEL operative.

  8. corrupt | see definition»

    behaving in a bad or improper way : doing wrong

    "With money from his dad, he opened a construction company that was corrupt from the building."

  9. extortion | see definition»

    the crime of getting money from someone by the use of force or threats

    "There are three basic types," Said Rivers. "Knuckleheads, masterminds, and extortionists."

  10. gauge | see definition»

    to make a judgment about

    Rivers looked at my parents as if to gauge their response.

  11. grueling | see definition»

    calling for great effort

    Despite being exhausted from a grueling game in the summer heat, she had run all the way up the hill after me.

  12. imposing | see definition»

    impressive because of size, dignity, or magnificence

    It was imposing with tall white columns and three pairs of dark blue doors.

  13. incident | see definition»

    an event or disagreement that is likely to cause serious problems in relations between countries

    "Before you know it, the State Department's involved and there's an international incident."

  14. isolate | see definition»

    to place or keep apart from others

    "Isolate who had that information and see how word might have gotten out."

  15. jeopardy | see definition»

    the state of not being protected from harm or evil : PERIL

    "But we'd rather overreact and err on the side of safety than make a mistake and put you in jeopardy."

  16. liable | see definition»

    very possibly going to happen

    "Our company is financially liable for this painting upwards of forty million dollars."

  17. oblivious | see definition»

    not being conscious or aware

    This one was oblivious to the world beyond the sidelines.

  18. orchestrate | see definition»

    to organize or plan (something that is complicated)

    "You couldn't pick anyone in a better position to orchestrate the whole burglary."

  19. ovation | see definition»

    an expression of approval or enthusiasm made by clapping or cheering

    "They were there when the agents gave me the standing ovation."

  20. prominent | see definition»

    important or well-known

    "Although he's the son of a prominent Romanian mobster, the plan seems to have been to keep Nic out of the family business," he said with his New York accent.

  21. pursue | see definition»

    to follow after in order to catch or destroy : CHASE

    But maybe she was just worried that if we pursued him, it would lead to her as well."

  22. reiterate | see definition»

    to repeat something said or done to repeat something said or done

    "Someone from your department has to be involved," Hobbes reiterated, ignoring the agent.

  23. strategy | see definition»

    a carefully developed plan or method for achieving a goal or the skill in developing and undertaking such a plan or method

    "This is where we need to develop our strategy."

  24. unkempt | see definition»

    not neat and orderly : UNTIDY

    Kellogg was about ten years older and unlike the always-sharp Rivers, he was somewhat wrinkled and unkempt.

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