Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Vocabulary List Chapters 35-42

Fish in a Tree Vocabulary List

  1. bacterium | see definition»

    any one of a group of very small living things that often cause disease

    "After all, E. coli, a dangerous bacteria, is unlike all others."

  2. ballot | see definition»

    the action or a system of voting

    "A secret ballot."

  3. betray | see definition»

    to be unfaithful to

    Wondering why Mr. Daniels would do this — betray me.

  4. campaign | see definition»

    a series of activities meant to produce a particular result

    In the end, Mr. Daniels shakes hands with Shay and tells her she ran a good campaign.

  5. council | see definition»

    a group of people appointed or elected to make laws or give advice

    "I'll draw a name out of a hat or tell the council that we don't have a representative."

  6. defensive | see definition»

    a position or attitude that is meant to defend

    Realize that you can old stay on the defensive for so long.

  7. flustered | see definition»

    upset or nervous

    She is always looking for your weakness, always trying to get you flustered and force you into a mistake.

  8. furious | see definition»

    very active or fast

    "Yes!" I say, nodding furiously.

  9. homonym | see definition»

    one of two or more words spelled and pronounced alike but different in meaning

    "Your name is a homonym."

  10. invincible | see definition»

    impossible to defeat

    "I think you're just invincible."

  11. nominate | see definition»

    to choose as a candidate for election, appointment, or honor

    "I've told you about nominating a class president for our first ever school-wide student government."

  12. offend | see definition»

    to hurt the feelings of or insult

    "I'm not offended Oliver."

  13. persuasive | see definition»

    able or likely to convince

    "Okay, we are going to begin a unit on persuasive writing," Mr. Daniels says.

  14. sacrifice | see definition»

    to give up (something) especially for the sake of something or someone else

    The piece most protected and sacrificed for.

  15. salute | see definition»

    to give a sign of respect to (as a military officer) especially by a movement of the right hand to the forehead

    And then he salutes me and laughs.

  16. sputter | see definition»

    to make explosive popping sounds

    "Well," Shay sputters, "if you had an unlimited amount of money, you could buy the medicine, right?"

  17. stun | see definition»

    to affect with shock or confusion : fill with disbelief

    I sit, stunned.

  18. suggestion | see definition»

    a thought or plan that is offered or proposed

    Other kids give me suggestions, too.

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