Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Vocabulary List Chapters 10-17

Fish in a Tree Vocabulary List

  1. adhere | see definition»

    to act in the way that is required by (something, such as a rule, belief, or promise)

    "It seems to adhere to the standards of a typical doll."

  2. admit | see definition»

    to say usually in an unwilling way that you accept or do not deny the truth or existence of (something)

    I'm feeling pretty proud, I must admit.

  3. communication | see definition»

    the exchange (as by speech or letter) of information between persons

    "This is about communication."

  4. conclusion | see definition»

    final decision reached by reasoning

    "That isn't a logical conclusion."

  5. contrary | see definition»

    something opposite

    "Quite the contrary," Albert begins.

  6. delirious | see definition»

    not able to think or speak clearly usually because of a high fever or other illness

    I wonder if he's delirious.

  7. desperate | see definition»

    showing great worry and loss of hope

    I know what his answer will be, but I ask anyway. I'm desperate.

  8. donate | see definition»

    to give (money, food, clothes, etc.) in order to help a person or organization

    The bad news is that they have been donated by Jessica's father, the florist.

  9. fierce | see definition»

    wild or threatening in appearance

    They are fierce kickers with sharp claws.

  10. flail | see definition»

    to wave the arms or legs wildly

    "Me want cupcake!" Oliver says, flailing about a bit.

  11. insist | see definition»

    to make a demand

    She wants to ride a horse the real way — not sidesaddle like her mother insists.

  12. investigate | see definition»

    to study by close examination and questioning

    "Creative investigation!"

  13. logical | see definition»

    according to a proper or reasonable way of thinking

    "Logically, if a person was to pull another down, it would mean that he or she is already below that person."

  14. pathetic | see definition»

    causing feelings of pity, tenderness, or sorrow

    "Can you believe it?" Shay asks. "How pathetic is that?"

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