Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, Vocabulary List Chapters 13-16

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocabulary List

  1. abide | see definition»

    to put up with patiently : TOLERATE

    "I can't abide ugliness in factories!"

  2. bewildered | see definition»

    deeply or utterly confused or perplexed

    They were bewildered and dazzled.

  3. breakneck | see definition»

    very fast or dangerous

    And far away in the distance, from the heart of the great factory, came a muffled roar of energy as though some monstrous gigantic machine were spinning its wheels at breakneck speed.

  4. churn | see definition»

    to stir or shake forcefully

    The water curled and rolled in a solid sheet, and then went crashing down into a boiling churning whirlpool of froth and spray.

  5. cock | see definition»

    to turn or tip upward or to one side

    He kept making quick jerky little movements with his head, cocking it this way and that, and taking everything in with those bright twinkling eyes.

  6. corridor | see definition»

    a passage into which rooms open

    Charlie Bucket found himself standing in a long corridor that stretched away in front of him as far as he could see.

  7. dawdle | see definition»

    to move slowly and without purpose

    "We'll never get round today if you dawdle like this!"

  8. dreadful | see definition»

    very unpleasant

    "She still chewing that dreadful old piece of gum she's had for three months!"

  9. enrapture | see definition»

    to fill (someone) with delight

    "Delighted to meet you sir! Overjoyed! Enraptured! Enchanted!"

  10. fiend | see definition»

    a very enthusiastic supporter or admirer

    That's Mike Teavee! He's the television fiend!"

  11. flabbergasted | see definition»

    feeling or showing intense shock, surprise, or wonder : utterly astonished

    The children and their parents were too flabbergasted to speak.

  12. geography | see definition»

    a science that deals with the location of living and nonliving things on earth and the way they affect one another

    "Mr. Wonka," cried Mrs. Salt. "I'm a teacher of geography."

  13. gorge | see definition»

    to eat greedily

    "You can gorge yourselves silly on them!"

  14. import | see definition»

    to bring (as goods) into a country usually for selling

    "Imported direct from Loompaland," said Mr. Wonka proudly.

  15. insist | see definition»

    to make a demand

    "I insist upon my rooms being beautiful."

  16. muffle | see definition»

    to deaden the sound of

    And far away in the distance, from the heart of the great factory, came a muffled roar of energy as though some monstrous gigantic machine were spinning its wheels at breakneck speed.

  17. nerve center | see definition»

    a place from which the activities of an organization, system, etc., are controlled

    "This is the nerve center of the whole factory, the heart of the whole business!"

  18. perish | see definition»

    to become destroyed : DIE

    "They'd perish if they went outdoors in this weather!"

  19. seize | see definition»

    to take hold of suddenly or with force

    "Augustus!" cried Mr. Wonka, seizing his hand and pumping it up and down with terrific force.

  20. smuggle | see definition»

    to export or import secretly and unlawfully

    "I smuggled them over in large packing cases with holes in them, and they all got here safely."

  21. stencil | see definition»

    a piece of material (as a sheet of paper or plastic) that has lettering or a design cut out and is used as a guide (as in painting or drawing)

    "Who's the kid with a picture of The Lone Ranger stenciled on his windcheater?"

  22. trot | see definition»

    to run at a slow, steady pace

    "Here we are!" cried Mr. Wonka, trotting along in front of the group.

  23. warren | see definition»

    a building or place with many connected rooms, passages, etc., where you can get lost very easily

    The place was like a gigantic rabbit warren, with passages leading this way and that in every direction.

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