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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Puku Summer Book Select

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Charlie Buckets is poor but kind-hearted boy who is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he finds one of Willy Wonka's golden tickets. Now Charlie, along with four other lucky, if flawed, children will get a chance to see the wondrous and fantastical Wonka Chocolate Factory. What Charlie doesn't know though, is that Wonka is running a secret competition, and so the children must be on their absolute best behavior.

Vocabulary by Chapter Index

Vocabulary from Chapters 1-3

Vocabulary from Chapters 4-6

Vocabulary from Chapters 7-9

Vocabulary from Chapters 10-12

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Vocabulary from Chapters 17-20

Vocabulary from Chapters 21-24

Vocabulary from Chapters 25-27

Vocabulary from Chapters 28-30

Discussion Questions

Character Analysis: Think about the character of Willy Wonka, he gives Charlie and his family a new life and gives the other children a lifetime supply of chocolate while teaching them valuable lessons about greed and recklessness. But why does he do these things? What does Willy Wonka want? Is he, overall, a hero or villain in the story? Why?

Bonus question: If you could invent any kind of candy, what would it be?

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