Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, Vocabulary List Chapters 4-6

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocabulary List

  1. amid | see definition»

    in or into the middle of

    And when the police entered his house to arrest him, they found him sitting on the floor amidst mountains of chocolate, ripping off the wrappers with the blade of a long dagger.

  2. astonishing | see definition»

    causing a feeling of great surprise or wonder : SURPRISING

    "Then something astonishing happened."

  3. bulge | see definition»

    to swell, curve outward, or stick out

    Great flabby folds of fat bulged out from every part of him.

  4. bulletin | see definition»

    a short public notice usually coming from an informed or official source


  5. confectionery | see definition»

    sweet foods (such as candy or pastry)

    Mr. Willy Wonka, the confectionery genius whom nobody has seen for the last ten years, sent out the following notice today:

  6. desert | see definition»

    to leave usually without intending to return

    "And suddenly, Wonka's giant chocolate factory became silent and deserted."

  7. fasten | see definition»

    to attach or join by or as if by pinning, tying, or nailing

    "Then, he shut the main gates and fastened them with a chain."

  8. glisten | see definition»

    to shine with a soft reflected light

    "Wouldn't it be something, Charlie, to open a bar of chocolate and see a Golden Ticket glistening inside!"

  9. gobble | see definition»

    to eat fast or greedily

    "And then Mr Slugworth's factory began making sugar balloons that you could blow up to huge sizes before you popped them with a pin and gobbled them up."

  10. hooligan | see definition»

    a usually young man who does noisy and violent things as part of a group or gang

    "But still, that's better than being a hooligan and shooting off zip guns and things like that in his spare time, isn't it?"

  11. mutter | see definition»

    to speak in a low voice with lips partly closed

    "The man's dotty!" muttered Grandpa Josephine.

  12. nourishment | see definition»

    something (as food) that causes growth or health

    "And what I always say is, he wouldn't go on eating like he does unless he needed nourishment, would he?"

  13. repulsive | see definition»

    causing disgust

    "And what a repulsive boy," said Grandma Georgina.

  14. revolting | see definition»

    extremely unpleasant or offensive

    "What a revolting woman," said Grandma Josephine.

  15. secure | see definition»

    strong or firm enough to ensure safety

    "The great iron gates were still locked and chained as securely as ever."

  16. spree | see definition»

    a short period of time when you do a lot of something

    And now the whole country, indeed, the whole world, seemed suddenly to be caught up in a mad chocolate-buying spree, everybody searching frantically for those precious remaining tickets.

  17. vow | see definition»

    to make a solemn promise : SWEAR

    Well, I just hated to see my little girl feeling unhappy like that, so I vowed I would keep up the search until I'd got her what she wanted.

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