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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, Vocabulary List Chapters 28-30

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocabulary List

  1. brim | see definition»

    the top edge of a glass or a similar container

    There's one truckload for each of them, loaded to the brim.

  2. broad | see definition»

    not narrow : WIDE

    "It's quite true," Mr. Wonka said, smiling broadly now.

  3. dart | see definition»

    to move or shoot out suddenly and quickly

    "Which room shall it be next?" said Mr. Wonka as he turned away and darted into the lift.

  4. eerie | see definition»

    causing fear and uneasiness : STRANGE

    It was an eerie and frightening feeling to be standing on clear glass high up in the sky.

  5. false | see definition»

    not true, genuine, or honest

    Grandma Josephine dropped her false teeth.

  6. hover | see definition»

    to fly or float in the air without moving far in any direction

    It stopped and hung in mid-air, hovering like a helicopter.

  7. hunch | see definition»

    a strong feeling about what will happen

    "I had a hunch you know, right from the beginning, that it was going to be you!"

  8. petrify | see definition»

    to frighten very much

    Charlie climbed on to the bed and tried to calm the three old people who were still petrified with fear.

  9. refuse | see definition»

    to express or show unwillingness to do, give, or allow something

    And even then they all refused to ride back to the factory in the lift.

  10. ruin | see definition»

    the remains of something destroyed

    "It's in ruins!"

  11. sensible | see definition»

    showing or containing good sense or judgment

    "I want a good sensible loving child, one to whom I can tell all my most precious sweet-making secrets - while I am still alive."

  12. tempt | see definition»

    to consider or cause to consider doing something wrong or unwise

    "But I've never done it until now! I was tempted many time!"

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