Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu Chapters 10-14

Breadcrumbs Vocabulary List

  1. aspire | see definition»

    to very much want to have or achieve something

    Decaying leaves clung fiercely to the floor among tiny green sprouts that aspired toward the world above.

  2. austere | see definition»

    having no pattern or decoration

    Hazel drew a tiny fort in the middle of the page — an austere palace framed by four tall turrets.

  3. conclusion | see definition»

    final decision reached by reasoning

    The logical conclusion was that Jack was not in school today.

  4. confess | see definition»

    to talk about or admit something that makes you embarrassed, ashamed, etc.

    Within a week, he confessed to dumping chemicals in a nearby river.

  5. contemplate | see definition»

    to look at with careful and thoughtful attention

    All you can do is contemplate the funny ways of weeds.

  6. consult | see definition»

    to seek the opinion or advice of

    Hazel looked from one side to the other and bit her lip, then consulted the compass.

  7. deduce | see definition»

    to figure out by using reason or logic

    Bobby was smirking at her, she noted, and she deduced that it was a smirk of victory.

  8. demarcate | see definition»

    to show the limits or edges of (something)

    She stood looking at the line of trees that demarcated the woods as clearly as any doorway.

  9. discrete | see definition»

    separate and different from each other

    She took up position in a discrete corner of the playground, which she calculated was the best place to observe the door without being seen.

  10. eternal | see definition»

    lasting forever : having no beginning and no end

    Now it felt eternal.

  11. menace | see definition»

    to threaten harm to

    Her eyes fell on Tyler and Bobby, she did not blush and turn away or menace them with school supplies.

  12. oblige | see definition»

    to do a favor for or do something as a favor

    The outside world obliged Hazel by being as gray and unpleasant as possible.

  13. peculiar | see definition»

    different from the usual : ODD

    A small man with round glasses, big cheeks, and a ring of thin brown-gray hair was looking at her as if she were doing something very peculiar.

  14. poised | see definition»

    not moving but ready to move

    Hazel looked down at her feet, poised in perfect third position, and then undid them and followed her mom into the kitchen.

  15. primal | see definition»

    very basic and powerful — used especially to describe feelings that are like the feelings of animals and that seem to come from a part of human nature that has existed since ancient times

    Hazel took a deep breath and was about to step forward when some primal instinct made he turn her head to the left.

  16. pursue | see definition»

    to try to get or do over a period of time

    There are a couple of different avenues I want to pursue.

  17. repel | see definition»

    to drive back

    She just eyed them coolly, as if they were nothing to her, as if their nothingness surprised and slightly repelled her.

  18. resign | see definition»

    to give up (a job or position) by a formal or official act

    Within two weeks, he'd resigned and spent the rest of his days in a small cabin writing confessional poetry.

  19. sentry | see definition»

    a person (as a soldier) on duty as a guard

    The trees stood in front of her like sentries, and she could not tell whether they intended to welcome her or keep her out.

  20. surround | see definition»

    to enclose on all sides : ENCIRCLE

    The birds both turned their heads to look at her, and she stood in the middle of the clearing surrounded by tree giants while two dog-size maybe-ravens eyeballed her and a naked clock ticked on behind her like fate.

  21. survey | see definition»

    to look over : EXAMINE

    When she walked into Mrs. Jacobs's class she surveyed her fellow students with impassive interest.

  22. tangible | see definition»

    possible to touch or handle : MATERIAL

    The air was a tangible thing, rushing into Hazel's lungs as she breathed, touching her skin like a curious ghost.

  23. teem | see definition»

    to be full of something

    A row of shelves teeming with books.

  24. triumphant | see definition»

    celebrating victory of success

    But he did not look triumphant or mocking.

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