A Crack in the Sea by H.M. Bouwman Part 1 Chapters 10-13

A Crack in the Sea Vocabulary List

  1. abolitionist | see definition»

    a person who wants to stop or abolish slavery

    What happened, as the abolitionist-backed court case of 1783 would make clear to all of England, is this.

  2. awe | see definition»

    a feeling of mixed fear, respect, and wonder

    "Nice to meet you," called Caesar, her voice high with awe.

  3. brethren | see definition»

    used especially to begin to talk in a formal way to a group of people or to refer to the members of a particular group

    (Including ten who jumped to join their brethren.)

  4. deduce | see definition»

    to figure out by using reason or logic

    And she quickly deduced that if she and her brother and her uncle survived the trip, they'd be sold separately.

  5. delirious | see definition»

    not able to think or speak clearly usually because of a high fever or other illness

    First Mate James Kelsall, acting in place of the increasingly sick and sometimes delirious captain.

  6. demise | see definition»

    the end or ending of life

    Because slave property, though not underwritten against natural demise, was worth some cash if it suffered expiration from falling.

  7. eddy | see definition»

    a current of air or water running against the main current or in a circle

    They strolled out, trailing eddies of putrid air behind them.

  8. eventually | see definition»

    at some later time : in the end

    Eventually her uncle's reply message echoed back to her with added information.

  9. expanse | see definition»

    a wide area or stretch

    At the bay, they looked out at the blue expanse, calm today.

  10. fetter | see definition»

    to keep from moving or acting freely

    Incarcerated in the main space, the men (including Swimmer) lay fettered to one another.

  11. ghastly | see definition»

    very shocking or horrible

    A ghastly design

  12. incarcerated | see definition»

    confined in a jail or prison

    Incarcerated in the main space, the men (including Swimmer) lay fettered to one another.

  13. intractable | see definition»

    not easily managed, controlled, or solved

    The used-to-be-pretty one with the too-old uncle and the intractable brother.

  14. lucrative | see definition»

    producing money or wealth : profitable

    "But a lucrative one," said Stubbs.

  15. noxious | see definition»

    causing harm

    The hold of the slave ship was packed with bodies and even more packed with noxious fumes.

  16. numb | see definition»

    unable to think, feel, or react normally (as because of great fear, surprise, or sadness)

    Kinchen's feet went immediately numb from the cold.

  17. putrid | see definition»

    coming from or suggesting something rotten

    They strolled out, trailing eddies of putrid air behind them.

  18. quarantine | see definition»

    isolation of people, animals, or things (as plants) out of a certain area to prevent the spread of disease or pests

    Not without quarantining the sick property.

  19. rancid | see definition»

    having a strong disagreeable smell or taste from no longer being fresh

    And afloat on a rancid bit of wood in the middle of the ocean.

  20. scrutinize | see definition»

    to examine very closely

    Mr. Stubbs walked through the hold and scrutinized the ailing who lay in the women's cabin.

  21. specimen | see definition»

    something collected as a sample or for examination

    They stood in front of her, the two white men, and peered through the stench as if she were a specimen.

  22. swelter | see definition»

    to suffer, sweat, or be faint from heat

    Yet as he swayed in the sweltering women's deck, he shivered.

  23. vigil | see definition»

    an act of keeping watch especially when sleep is usual

    Ren sighed deeply as if completing a long vigil.

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