Synonyms and Antonyms of vessel

  1. 1 a large craft for travel by water a new ocean liner that claims to be the largest commercial vessel afloat Synonyms boat, keel, shipRelated Words aircraft carrier, argosy, barge, coaster, collier, containership, corvette, cruiser, cutter, destroyer, ferryboat, flagship, freighter, icebreaker, ironclad, lightship, liner, man-of-war (also man-o'-war), merchantman, merchant ship, motor ship, packet, steamer, steamship, superliner, supertanker, tanker, trader, tramp, transport, warship, watercraft; bark (or barque), brig, brigantine, caravel, clipper, junk, ketch, sailboat, schooner, square-rigger, tall ship, windjammer, xebec, yacht

  2. 2 a small buoyant structure for travel on water any vessel that is buoyant and steerable can be entered in the annual race down the river Synonyms bottom, craft, boat, watercraftRelated Words catboat, ketch, sailboat, schooner, yacht; bateau, caïque, canoe, catamaran, coracle, curragh (or currach), dhow, dinghy, dink, dory, dugout, flatboat, garvey, gig, johnboat, kayak, outrigger, paddleboat, pinnace, piragua, pirogue, pontoon, pram, punt, raft, rowboat, rowing boat [chiefly British], sampan, scow, scull, shallop, shell, skiff, surfboat, umiak, wherry; cruiser, inboard, motorboat, outboard, powerboat; houseboat, riverboat; auxiliary, bumboat, cutter, jolly boat, launch, lifeboat, longboat, tender, yawl; barge, hoy, keel, keelboat, lighter, narrow boat [British]; towboat, tug, tugboat; ferry, ferryboat, gondola, taxi, water taxi; banker, coble, dragger, gillnetter, hooker, lugger, scalloper, seiner, shrimper, trawler, whaleboat, whaler, workboat; cockleshell, tub; airboat, air-cushion vehicle, hovercraft; hydrofoil, hydroplane; assault boat, PT boat, torpedo boat

  3. 3 a usually circular utensil for holding something (as food) uses a large copper vessel for beating egg whites Synonyms dishRelated Words bowl, casserole, charger, cup, plate, platter, salver, saucer, server, tray, waiter

  4. 4 something into which a liquid or smaller objects can be put for storage or transportation any watertight vessel can be used for mixing the paints Synonyms holder, receptacle, containerRelated Words carrier; cartridge; basket, bin, box, caddy, carton, case, casket, crate, handbasket, locker, trunk; bag, hamper, pocket, sack; cooler, warmer; basin, bottle, bowl, bucket, can, jar, jug, keg, kettle, kit, pack, pail, pitcher, pot, tub, vat

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a trip made at another's expense

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