Synonyms and Antonyms of vessel

  1. 1 a large craft for travel by water <a new ocean liner that claims to be the largest commercial vessel afloat> Synonyms boat, keel, shipRelated Words aircraft carrier, argosy, barge, coaster, collier, containership, corvette, cruiser, cutter, destroyer, ferryboat, flagship, freighter, icebreaker, ironclad, lightship, liner, man-of-war (also man-o'-war), merchantman, merchant ship, motor ship, packet, steamer, steamship, superliner, supertanker, tanker, trader, tramp, transport, warship, watercraft; bark (or barque), brig, brigantine, caravel, clipper, junk, ketch, sailboat, schooner, square-rigger, tall ship, windjammer, xebec, yacht

  2. 2 a small buoyant structure for travel on water <any vessel that is buoyant and steerable can be entered in the annual race down the river> Synonyms bottom, craft, boat, watercraftRelated Words catboat, ketch, sailboat, schooner, yacht; bateau, caïque, canoe, catamaran, coracle, curragh (or currach), dhow, dinghy, dink, dory, dugout, flatboat, garvey, gig, johnboat, kayak, outrigger, paddleboat, pinnace, piragua, pirogue, pontoon, pram, punt, raft, rowboat, rowing boat [chiefly British], sampan, scow, scull, shallop, shell, skiff, surfboat, umiak, wherry; cruiser, inboard, motorboat, outboard, powerboat; houseboat, riverboat; auxiliary, bumboat, cutter, jolly boat, launch, lifeboat, longboat, tender, yawl; barge, hoy, keel, keelboat, lighter, narrow boat [British]; towboat, tug, tugboat; ferry, ferryboat, gondola, taxi, water taxi; banker, coble, dragger, gillnetter, hooker, lugger, scalloper, seiner, shrimper, trawler, whaleboat, whaler, workboat; cockleshell, tub; airboat, air-cushion vehicle, hovercraft; hydrofoil, hydroplane; assault boat, PT boat, torpedo boat

  3. 3 a usually circular utensil for holding something (as food) <uses a large copper vessel for beating egg whites> Synonyms dishRelated Words bowl, casserole, charger, cup, plate, platter, salver, saucer, server, tray, waiter

  4. 4 something into which a liquid or smaller objects can be put for storage or transportation <any watertight vessel can be used for mixing the paints> Synonyms holder, receptacle, containerRelated Words carrier; cartridge; basket, bin, box, caddy, carton, case, casket, crate, handbasket, locker, trunk; bag, hamper, pocket, sack; cooler, warmer; basin, bottle, bowl, bucket, can, jar, jug, keg, kettle, kit, pack, pail, pitcher, pot, tub, vat

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