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Synonyms and Antonyms of theater

  1. 1 a building or part of a building where movies are shown there's still one theater in town that shows independent films Synonyms cinema, playhouse Related Words nickelodeon; megaplex, multiplex, plex (or 'plex); art house, art theater, cinematheque; fleapit [British], grind house; drive-in

  2. 2 the public performance of plays have been fascinated by the theater ever since I was a child Synonyms dramatics, stage, drama (or theatre), theatricals, theatricsRelated Words boards; acting, footlights; entertainment, showbiz, show business; amusement, distraction, diversion, recreation; exhibition, pageant, pageantry, presentation, production, show, spectacle

  3. 3 a large room or building for enclosed public gatherings the lecturer waited until the theater was full before beginning Synonyms amphitheater, arena, auditorium, garden, hall (or theatre)Related Words arena theater, music hall, odeum, playhouse, theater-in-the-round; ballroom; lyceum; chamber, house, senate; cafetorium

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