Synonyms and Antonyms of drama

  1. 1 the public performance of plays he has been interested in drama from the first time he ever saw a play Synonyms dramatics, stage, theater (or theatre), theatricals, theatrics Related Words boards; acting, footlights; entertainment, showbiz, show business; amusement, distraction, diversion, recreation; exhibition, pageant, pageantry, presentation, production, show, spectacle

  2. 2 a written work in which the story is told through speech and action that is intended to be acted out on stage wrote a police drama that really captured the speech of cops and criminals Synonyms play, dramatizationRelated Words interlude, playlet; comedy, comedy drama, docudrama, dramedy, melodrama, monodrama, musical, musical comedy, psychodrama, tragedy, tragicomedy; magnum opus, opus, work; adaptation

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