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  1. 1 a heavy rigid stick used as a weapon or for punishment arrested for using a rod on his dogs in violation of the state's animal cruelty laws Synonyms bastinado (or bastinade), bat, baton, billy, billy club, bludgeon, cane, cudgel, nightstick, club, rung [Scottish], sap, shillelagh (also shillalah), staff, truncheon, waddy [Australian]Related Words blackjack, knobkerrie, mace; birch, crabstick, hickory, rattan, stave, switch; beetle, gavel, hammer, mallet, maul, sledgehammer; crook, crosier (or crozier), walking stick, whangee

  2. 2 a straight piece (as of wood or metal) that is longer than it is wide a curtain rod Synonyms billet, barRelated Words arbor, beam, board, crossbar, crossbeam, girder; band, strip; bloom, ingot, slab, stick

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