Synonyms and Antonyms of preemption

  1. the unlawful taking or withholding of something from the rightful owner under a guise of authority longtime residents resented the preemption of their urban neighborhood by this influx of affluent yuppies Synonyms arrogation, commandeering, detainer, expropriation, appropriation, seizure, takeover, usurpationRelated Words annexation, assumption, attachment, confiscation, grab, impoundment, repossession, sequestration; defalcation, embezzlement, misapplication, misappropriation, misuse, peculation, theft; despoilment, looting, pillaging; encroachment, infringement, piracy; invasion, occupancy, occupation, preoccupancy, trespass; deforcement, disfurnishment, dispossession, ejection, stripping

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