Synonyms and Antonyms of theft

  1. 1 the unlawful taking and carrying away of property without the consent of its owner while violent crime in the city has decreased dramatically, rates of theft and vandalism have risen slightly Synonyms larceny, robbery, stealing, thievery Related Words burglary, housebreaking; embezzlement, embezzling, graft, misapplication, misappropriation, peculation; petit larceny, petty larceny; filching, pilferage, pilfering, purloining, shoplifting; abduction, carjacking, hijacking (also highjacking), kidnapping (also kidnaping), shanghaiing; despoilment, despoliation, looting, pillage, plundering, rapine, spoliation; poaching, rustling; black marketeering, smuggling; banditry, piracy

  2. 2 an instance of theft the police found the stolen car an hour after the theft was reported Synonyms grab, heist, pinch, rip-off, snatching, swiping Related Words break-in, burglary, holdup, mugging, stickup

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