partake of


Synonyms and Antonyms of partake of

  1. to take in as food anyone planning to partake of the vegetarian meal needs to sign up for it beforehand Synonyms consume, ingest, eat (of), put away, put down, tuck (away or in)Related Words digest, down, mouth (down), swallow; bolt, chow (down on), devour, glut (on), gobble (up or down), gorge, gulp, scoff, slop, snarf (down), swill, wolf; chew, gnaw (at or on), gum, lap, lick, nibble (on), nurse, pick (at); relish, savor (also savour), taste; banquet, dine, fare, feast, gormandize, pig out, regale; dispatch, polish off; breakfast, lunch, sup; munch, nosh, snack

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to cast off or become cast off

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