Synonyms and Antonyms of padding

  1. 1 soft material that is used to fill the hollow parts of something the padding is leaking out of that pillow Synonyms fill, filler, filling, stuffing, waddingRelated Words packing; interlining, lining, quilting; buffer, bumper, cushion, fender, pad

  2. 2 the representation of something in terms that go beyond the facts that feature writer is sometimes guilty of padding, but he keeps it from getting out of hand Synonyms caricature, coloring, elaboration, embellishment, embroidering, embroidery, hyperbole, magnification, overstatement, exaggeration, stretchingRelated Words amplification, enhancement; fabrication, misrepresentation; fudging, hedging; hype, puffery; superlativeNear Antonyms belittlement, disparagement, minimizing, poor-mouthingAntonyms meiosis, understatement

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