Synonyms and Antonyms of officer

  1. 1 a member of a force charged with law enforcement at the local level <if you are ever lost, find the nearest officer and ask for help> Synonyms bobby [British], bull [slang], constable [chiefly British], cop, copper, flatfoot [slang], fuzz, gendarme, lawman, policeman, police officer, shamus [slang] Related Words patrolman, policewoman; detective, dick, gumshoe, hawkshaw, inspector, investigator, plainclothesman, sherlock, sleuth, sleuthhound; marshal (also marshall), sheriff, trooper; peace officer; captain, lieutenant, sergeant; constabulary, heat [slang], man, police, police force; operative, private detective, private eye, private investigator Near Antonyms civilian

  2. 2 a person who holds a public office <an officer of the court> Synonyms functionary, officeholder, official, public servantRelated Words bureaucrat; administrator, commissioner, director, executive, head, manager, regulator, superintendent, supervisor; chair, chairman; flunky (also flunkey or flunkie), minion, underling; co-official

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