Synonyms and Antonyms of legend

  1. 1 an explanatory list of the symbols on a map or chart the legend indicated that a large circle represented a major city, while a small circle stood for a small town Synonyms key Related Words scale; caption; guide, table

  2. 2 an explanation or description accompanying a pictorial illustration the legend in the science textbook indicated that the accompanying picture had been enlarged by 1000% Synonyms cutline, captionRelated Words key; closed-captioning, subtitle, translation; motto, posy, slogan, tagline

  3. 3 a traditional but unfounded story that gives the reason for a current custom, belief, or fact of nature some ancient civilizations had legends about spirits that inhabited trees and rocks Synonyms fable, myth, mythosRelated Words allegory, parable; fabrication, fantasy (also phantasy), fiction, figment, invention; narrative, saga, story, tale, yarn

  4. 4 the body of customs, beliefs, stories, and sayings associated with a people, thing, or place that story of how the world came to be has long been part of Native American legend Synonyms folklore, legendry, lore, myth, mythology, mythos, traditionRelated Words folklife; information, knowledge, wisdom; anecdote, fable, folktale, old wives' tale, tale, yarn

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