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  1. 1 a male person who has not yet reached adulthood fond of telling tall tales of the days when he was just a lad Synonyms boychick (or boychik), boyo [Irish], callant [chiefly Scottish], boy, laddie, nipper, shaveling, shaver, sonny, stripling, tad, youthRelated Words adolescent, juvenile, kid, kiddie (also kiddy), kiddo, minor, moppet, teenager, tween, youngling, youngster; brat, gamin, guttersnipe, hobbledehoy, imp, squirt, urchin, whippersnapper; schoolboy; toddler, tot, tyke (also tike); mama's boy, mollycoddle

  2. 2 an adult male human being pass me another beer—will you, lad? Synonyms bastard, bloke [chiefly British], buck, cat, chap [chiefly British], chappie [British], dude, fella, fellow, galoot [slang], gent, gentleman, guy, hombre, jack, joe, joker, man, maleRelated Words master, mister, sir; buddy, buster

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