Synonyms and Antonyms of urchin

  1. an appealingly mischievous person <we could never resist the little urchin's pleas for candy> Synonyms devil, hellion, imp, mischief, monkey, rapscallion, rascal, rogue, scampRelated Words cutup, larker, madcap, skylarker; ragamuffin; brat, disrupter, misbehaver, nuisance; juvenile delinquent; gamin, gamineNear Antonyms beast, boor, cad, churl, clown, creep, cretin, cur, heel, joker, louse, lout, skunk, snake, stinkard, stinker; knave, miscreant, reprobate, scalawag (or scallywag), scapegrace, scoundrel, varlet, villain

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