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  1. 1 a person who shows a shameful lack of courage in the face of danger denounced as curs those police officers who deserted their posts during the hurricane and its aftermath Synonyms chicken, craven, coward, dastard, funk, poltroon, recreant, sissyRelated Words defeatist, quitter; cream puff, milquetoast, pushover, pussy [slang], weakling, wimp; caitiff, snake, sneak; ostrich, scaramouch (or scaramouche)Near Antonyms daredevilAntonyms hero, stalwart, valiant

  2. 2 a person whose behavior is offensive to others only a clueless cur would tell his girlfriend that, yes, a certain outfit did make her look fat Synonyms bastard, beast, bleeder [British], blighter [chiefly British], boor, bounder, bugger, buzzard, cad, chuff, churl, clown, creep, cretin, crud [slang], crumb [slang], jerk, dirtbag [slang], dog, fink, heel, hound, joker, louse, lout, pill, rat, rat fink, reptile, rotter, schmuck [slang], scum, scumbag [slang], scuzzball [slang], skunk, sleaze, sleazebag [slang], sleazeball [slang], slime, slimeball [slang], slob, snake, so-and-so, sod [chiefly British], stinkard, stinker, swine, toad, varmint, verminRelated Words barbarian, brute, caveman, Neanderthal, savage; loudmouth, vulgarian; lowlife, miscreant, rascal, rogue, roughneck, scab, scamp, scoundrel, villain, wretch; booby, doofus [slang], fool, jackass, nincompoop, ninny, nit [chiefly British], nitwit, nut, schmo (or schmoe) [slang]; airhead, birdbrain, blockhead, dink [slang], dolt, dope, dork [slang], goon, half-wit, idiot, imbecile, moron, turkey; brat, insolent, nuisance, pest, snip; snob, snoot, snot; dweeb [slang], nerdNear Antonyms hero, heroine, idol, role model; gentleman, lady; angel, saint

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