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  1. 1 an adult female human being ladies and gentlemen, please observe closely,” said the magician Synonyms female, woman, skirt [slang]Related Words dame, gentlewoman; madam, madame, senora (or señora); babe [slang], beauty, belle, chick [slang], damsel, doll, gal, girl, ingenue (or ingénue), lass, lassie, mademoiselle, maid, maiden, miss, senorita (or señorita)

  2. 2 the female partner in a marriage in public the husband was frequently seen holding hands with his lady Synonyms helpmate, helpmeet, wife, little woman, madam, missus (or missis), Mrs., old lady, wifey, woman [chiefly dialect]Related Words bride; better half, companion, consort, mate, partner, significant other, soul mate, spouse; dowager, matron; hausfrau, homemaker, housekeeper, housewife, stay-at-home; widow

  3. 3 a woman of high birth or social position the ladies of the royal court were all dressed extravagantly Synonyms dame, gentlewoman, milady, noblewoman, peeressRelated Words baroness, countess, duchess, marchesa, marchioness, marquise, princess, queen, viscountess; dowager, matriarch, matron, mistress; ladyship, madam

  4. 4 a female romantic companion warned his fellow biker to stop messing with his lady Synonyms gal, gill, girl, inamorata, girlfriend, ladylove, old lady, womanRelated Words mistress, moll; beloved, darling, dear, favorite, flame, honey, love, lover, significant other, sweet, sweetheart, valentine

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