old lady


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  1. 1 a female human parent the story is that my old lady wanted to name me “Cecil,” but the old man prevailed Synonyms ma, mama (also mamma or momma), mammy, mater [chiefly British], mom, mommy, motherRelated Words materfamilias, matriarch, matron; stepmother; supermom, superwoman

  2. 2 the female partner in a marriage he jokingly commented that he'd love to buy a sports car, but his old lady would throw a fit Synonyms helpmate, helpmeet, lady, little woman, madam, missus (or missis), Mrs., wife, wifey, woman [chiefly dialect]Related Words bride; better half, companion, consort, mate, partner, significant other, soul mate, spouse; dowager, matron; hausfrau, homemaker, housekeeper, housewife, stay-at-home; widow

  3. 3 a female romantic companion if he ever tried stepping out on her, his old lady would fill him with buckshot Synonyms gal, gill, girl, inamorata, lady, ladylove, girlfriend, womanRelated Words mistress, moll; beloved, darling, dear, favorite, flame, honey, love, lover, significant other, sweet, sweetheart, valentine

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