Synonyms and Antonyms of dove

  1. 1 a person who opposes war or warlike policies the doves were in favor of using the surplus to improve the nation's schools and not its weapons systems Synonyms pacifist, peacenik Related Words peacemaker Near Antonyms militarist; chauvinist, nationalist Antonyms hawk, jingo, war hawk, warmonger

  2. 2 an innocent or gentle person he's a dove who wouldn't hurt a fly Synonyms angel, lamb, innocent, sheepRelated Words babe, colt, cub, fledgling, greenhorn, ingenue (or ingénue), naïf (or naif), newbie, tenderfoot, virgin; cherub, saint; mollycoddle, sissy, softy (or softie), weakling, wimp; dupe, pigeon, sap, suckerNear Antonyms bully, roughneck, rowdy, tough; beast, boor, cad, churl, clown, creep, cretin, cur, heel, jerk, joker, louse, lout, slob; shark, skunk, snake, stinker; devil, knave, miscreant, no-good, rapscallion, rascal, reprobate, rogue, scalawag (or scallywag), scamp, scoundrel, varlet, villainAntonyms wolf

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