Synonyms and Antonyms of jingo

  1. 1 one who shows excessive favoritism towards his or her country a jingo who thought other countries should automatically follow his country's policies Synonyms chauvinist, flag-waver, nationalist, superpatriotRelated Words loyalist, patriot; hawk, warmonger; nativistNear Antonyms internationalist; neutralist

  2. 2 one who urges or attempts to cause a war the often bitter rhetoric between the jingoes and the committed pacifists Synonyms hawk, warmonger, jingoist, militarist, war hawkRelated Words agitator, firebrand, fomenter, instigator, rabble-rouser; belligerent, combatant, militant; chauvinistNear Antonyms peacemaker; peacekeeperAntonyms dove, pacifist, peacenik

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