Synonyms and Antonyms of cornucopia

  1. 1 an abundant source even to the computer-addicted children, the old-fashioned toy chest was a cornucopia of delights Synonyms argosy, mine, gold mine, mother lode, treasure trove, wellspringRelated Words armory, repository, stockpot, store, storehouse, treasure-house; cache, hoard, stash; bonanza, Golconda, gravy train, honeypotNear Antonyms black hole, sinkhole

  2. 2 an amount or supply more than sufficient to meet one's needs the rabbits found a cornucopia of food in the vegetable garden Synonyms abundance, plenty, feast, plenitude, plentitude, plethora, superabundance, wealthRelated Words adequacy, competence, competency, sufficiency; ampleness, amplitude, liberality; excess, overdose, overflow, overkill, oversupply, redundancy, superfluity, superfluousness, surfeit, surplus; copiousness, fecundity, fertility, fruitfulness, opulence, richness; lavishness, luxurianceNear Antonyms paucity, poverty, scarcity; barrenness, infertility, sterilityAntonyms deficiency, inadequacy, insufficiency, undersupply

  3. 3 something shaped like a hollow cone and used as a container a cornucopia filled with fruits and vegetables in celebration of the harvest Synonyms cornet, hornRelated Words funnel, tube

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