Synonyms and Antonyms of cogency

  1. 1 the capacity to persuade the cogency of Thomas Paine's celebrated case for American independence Synonyms authority, conclusiveness, convincingness, effectiveness, force, forcefulness, persuasion, persuasiveness, suasiveness Related Words impact, might, power, punch, strength, weight; believability, credibility, soundness, validity; authoritativeness, definitiveness; influence, sway; appeal, seductiveness Near Antonyms invalidity, shakiness, unsoundness; feebleness, powerlessness, weakness Antonyms inconclusiveness, ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, ineffectualness

  2. 2 the quality of an utterance that provokes interest and produces an effect satirical comments of great cogency Synonyms {h,1}punch, effectiveness, force, forcefulness, impact, pointRelated Words payoff; importance, significance; appeal, attraction, charm, fascination

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clearly seen through or understood

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