bête noire


Synonyms and Antonyms of bête noire

  1. 1 something or someone that causes fear or dread especially without reason doing my own tax return is the bête noire that haunts me every April Synonyms bogey, black beast, bugaboo, bugbear, dread, hobgoblin, ogreRelated Words apparition, ghost, phantasm (also fantasm), phantom, poltergeist, shade, specter (or spectre), spirit, spook, wraith; banshee, bogeyman (also bogyman), demon (or daemon), devil, fiend, ghoul, imp, incubus; fright, horrible, horror, monster, monstrosity, terror; bane, curse, enemy, plague, scourge, torment; abomination, anathema

  2. 2 something or someone that is hated in that organization's view, society's number one bête noire should be the drunk driver of a motor vehicle Synonyms abhorrence, abomination, anathema, antipathy, aversion, hate, detestation, execrationRelated Words dread, hang-up, horror, phobia; bogey (also bogie or bogy), bugaboo, bugbear; adversary, enemy; annoyance, grievance, hassle, nuisance, peeveNear Antonyms beloved, darling, dear, honey, sweetheart; delight, enjoyment, felicity, joy, pleasure; favorite, like, preference; treasureAntonyms love

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