bête noire


Synonyms and Antonyms of bête noire

  1. 1 something or someone that causes fear or dread especially without reason <doing my own tax return is the bête noire that haunts me every April> Synonyms bogey, black beast, bugaboo, bugbear, dread, hobgoblin, ogreRelated Words apparition, ghost, phantasm (also fantasm), phantom, poltergeist, shade, specter (or spectre), spirit, spook, wraith; banshee, bogeyman (also bogyman), demon (or daemon), devil, fiend, ghoul, imp, incubus; fright, horrible, horror, monster, monstrosity, terror; bane, curse, enemy, plague, scourge, torment; abomination, anathema

  2. 2 something or someone that is hated <in that organization's view, society's number one bête noire should be the drunk driver of a motor vehicle> Synonyms abhorrence, abomination, anathema, antipathy, aversion, hate, detestation, execrationRelated Words dread, hang-up, horror, phobia; bogey (also bogie or bogy), bugaboo, bugbear; adversary, enemy; annoyance, grievance, hassle, nuisance, peeveNear Antonyms beloved, darling, dear, honey, sweetheart; delight, enjoyment, felicity, joy, pleasure; favorite, like, preference; treasureAntonyms love

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