Synonyms and Antonyms of appellative

  1. a word or combination of words by which a person or thing is regularly known the brochure had advertised a sandy beach, but we didn't see anything that remotely merited that appellative Synonyms appellation, name, cognomen, compellation, denomination, denotation, designation, handle, moniker (also monicker), nomenclature, titleRelated Words baptismal name, Christian name, first name, forename, given name; family name, maiden name, middle name, surname; matronymic, patronymic; byname, diminutive, epithet, hypocorism, nickname, sobriquet (also soubriquet); banner, rubric, tag; alias, cryptonym, nom de guerre, nom de plume, pen name, pseudonym; binomial, monomial; trivial name, vernacular; misnomer; brand name, label, trademark, trade name

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