amount to


Synonyms and Antonyms of amount to

  1. 1 to have a total of the expenses of the trip amounted to nearly double what we'd budgeted for Synonyms add up (to), aggregate, come (to), count (up to), number, sum (to or into), total Related Words average, equal, measure, reach; compose, comprise, constitute, make up Phrases clock in at

  2. 2 to be the same in meaning or effect it makes no difference whether you're going to the game or the movies, for it amounts to the same thing—that you can't babysit Synonyms add up (to), come (to), correspond (to), emulate, equal Related Words approach, match, measure (up), meet, rival, touch; connote, denote, express, import, mean, signify, smack (of), spell, suggest

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