well spent

Definition of well spent

  1. :  worth having been used :  worth the time money, etc. This computer wasn't cheap, but it was money well spent. Listening to her talk was time well spent.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  an issue of water from the earth :  a pool fed by a spring

    :  source, origin

    :  a pit or hole sunk into the earth to reach a supply of water

  1. :  to rise to the surface and usually flow forth

    :  to rise like a flood of liquid

    :  to emit in a copious free flow

  1. :  in a good or proper manner :  justly, rightly

    :  satisfactorily with respect to conduct or action

    :  in a kindly or friendly manner

  1. : used to indicate resumption of discourse or to introduce a remark

    : used to express surprise or expostulation

  1. :  prosperous, well-off

    :  being in satisfactory condition or circumstances

    :  being in good standing or favor

  1. :  used up :  consumed

    :  exhausted of active or required components or qualities often for a particular purpose

    :  drained of energy or effectiveness :  exhausted

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