noun no·tion \ˈnō-shən\

Definition of notion

  1. 1a (1) :  an individual's conception or impression of something known, experienced, or imagined They had different notions of right and wrong. (2) :  an inclusive general concept arriving at the notion of law — Irving Babbitt (3) :  a theory or belief held by a person or group the notion of original sinb :  a personal inclination :  whim He had a notion to try skydiving.

  2. 2 obsolete :  mind, intellect

  3. 3 notions plural :  small useful items :  sundries found the thread she wanted among the shop's notions

Examples of notion in a sentence

  1. He has some pretty strange notions.

  2. She had a vague notion about what happened.

  3. The study disproves any notion that dolphins are not intelligent.

  4. She had a notion to try skydiving.

  5. a sewing shop that sells fabrics, books, tools, and notions

Origin and Etymology of notion

Latin notion-, notio, from noscere

First Known Use: 1531

Synonym Discussion of notion

idea, concept, conception, thought, notion, impression mean what exists in the mind as a representation (as of something comprehended) or as a formulation (as of a plan). idea may apply to a mental image or formulation of something seen or known or imagined, to a pure abstraction, or to something assumed or vaguely sensed innovative ideas my idea of paradise. concept may apply to the idea formed by consideration of instances of a species or genus or, more broadly, to any idea of what a thing ought to be a society with no concept of private property. conception is often interchangeable with concept ; it may stress the process of imagining or formulating rather than the result our changing conception of what constitutes art. thought is likely to suggest the result of reflecting, reasoning, or meditating rather than of imagining commit your thoughts to paper. notion suggests an idea not much resolved by analysis or reflection and may suggest the capricious or accidental you have the oddest notions. impression applies to an idea or notion resulting immediately from some stimulation of the senses the first impression is of soaring height.

NOTION Defined for Kids


noun no·tion \ˈnō-shən\

Definition of notion for Students

  1. 1 :  idea 2 I haven't the faintest notion what to do.

  2. 2 :  whim We had a sudden notion to go swimming.

  3. 3 notions plural :  small useful articles (as buttons, needles, and thread)

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