adjective im·paired \ im-ˈperd \

Definition of impaired

:being in an imperfect or weakened state or condition: such as
a :diminished in function or ability :lacking full functional or structural integrity
  • Brennan supports the use of corticosteroids in the treatment of inflammation, swelling, pain and impaired joint movement.
  • —Stan Bergstein
  • Finding jobs can be difficult for visually impaired adults. About 70 percent of them are unemployed, the National Federation of the Blind says.
  • —Eric Aasen
  • … some GERD patients have impaired gut motility, meaning that their stomachs empty too slowly.
  • —Andrew Weil
b :unable to function normally or safely (as when operating a motor vehicle) because of intoxication by alcohol or drugs
  • Drive Sover or Get Pulled Over is the safety advertisement that restaurants and bars will use to remind patrons of the dangers of driving impaired.
  • —Mati Spencer

Examples of impaired in a Sentence

  1. driving while impaired is against the law

  2. special devices for sight-impaired visitors

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First Known Use of impaired


impaired Synonyms

besotted, blasted [slang], blind, blitzed [slang], blotto [slang], bombed, boozy, canned [slang], cockeyed, crocked, drunken, fried, gassed, hammered [slang], high, drunk, inebriate, inebriated, intoxicated, juiced [slang], lit, lit up, loaded [slang], looped, oiled [slang], pickled, pie-eyed, plastered, potted [slang], ripped [slang], sloshed [slang], smashed [slang], sottish, soused, sozzled, squiffed (or squiffy), stewed, stiff, stinking [slang], stoned, tanked [slang], tiddly [chiefly British], tight, tipsy, wasted [slang], wet, wiped out [slang]
sober, straight
Related Words
maudlin; beery; befuddled, bleary-eyed, crapulous, dopey (also dopy), rocky, strung out, stupefied; debauched, dissipated, dissolute; alcoholic, bibulous, dipsomaniacal
Near Antonyms
abstemious, abstinent, dry, temperate, teetotal; clearheaded, cool, level, steady

Medical Dictionary



medical Definition of impaired

:being in a less than perfect or whole condition: as
a :disabled or functionally defective often used in combination
  • hearing-impaired
b :intoxicated by alcohol or narcotics
  • driving while impaired

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