adjective ex·qui·site \ek-ˈskwi-zət, ˈek-(ˌ)skwi-\

Definition of exquisite

  1. 1 :  carefully selected :  choice

  2. 2 archaic :  accurate

  3. 3a :  marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution an exquisite vaseb :  marked by nice discrimination, deep sensitivity, or subtle understanding exquisite tastec :  accomplished, perfected an exquisite gentleman

  4. 4a :  pleasing through beauty, fitness, or perfection an exquisite white blossomb :  acute, intense exquisite painc :  having uncommon or esoteric appeal





Examples of exquisite in a Sentence

  1. My dream was … to play smoky ballads of exquisite sweetness and sophistication with somebody like Michelle Pfeiffer leaning misty-eyed over my shoulder. Actually, since this was the middle of the fifties, my fantasy ideal was probably closer to Doris Day. —Daniel C. Dennett, Curious Minds, (2004) 2005

  2. Watching Osama bin Laden's first video broadcast after the start of the American air offensive on Afghanistan, I was struck by the exquisite Arabic he spoke. —Navid Kermani, Times Literary Supplement, 1 Oct. 2004

  3. a move executed with exquisite precision

  4. Her singing voice is truly exquisite.

  5. He chose his words with exquisite care.

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Origin and Etymology of exquisite

Middle English exquisit, from Latin exquisitus, past participle of exquirere to search out, from ex- + quaerere to seek

Synonym Discussion of exquisite

choice, exquisite, elegant, rare, delicate, dainty mean having qualities that appeal to a cultivated taste. choice stresses preeminence in quality or kind. choice fabric exquisite implies a perfection in workmanship or design that appeals only to very sensitive taste. an exquisite gold bracelet elegant applies to what is rich and luxurious but restrained by good taste. a sumptuous but elegant dining room rare suggests an uncommon excellence. rare beauty delicate implies exquisiteness, subtlety, and fragility. delicate craftsmanship dainty sometimes carries an additional suggestion of smallness and of appeal to the eye or palate. dainty sandwiches



noun ex·qui·site \ek-ˈskwi-zət, ˈek-(ˌ)\

Definition of exquisite

  1. :  one who is overly fastidious in dress or ornament

Origin and Etymology of exquisite

see 1exquisite

EXQUISITE Defined for English Language Learners



Definition of exquisite for English Language Learners

  • : finely done or made : very beautiful or delicate

  • : very sensitive or fine

  • : extreme or intense

EXQUISITE Defined for Kids


adjective ex·qui·site \ek-ˈskwi-zət, ˈek-skwi-\

Definition of exquisite for Students

  1. 1 :  finely made or done exquisite workmanship

  2. 2 :  very pleasing (as through beauty) exquisite roses

  3. 3 :  intense 1, extreme exquisite pain

Medical Dictionary


play play play
adjective ex·qui·site \ik-ˈskwiz-ət, ek-\

Medical Definition of exquisite

  1. :  acute 2a, intense exquisite pain


\-lē\play adverb

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