a breath of fresh air

Definition of a breath of fresh air

  1. 1 :  clean or cool outside air after you have been in a building for a period of time We went outside to get a breath of fresh air.

  2. 2 :  someone or something that is different in a way that is interesting, exciting, enjoyable, etc. His unusual outlook is a breath of fresh air. After dealing for so long with a difficult boss, our new supervisor is a breath of fresh air.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  air filled with a fragrance or odor

    :  a slight indication :  suggestion

    :  the faculty of breathing

  1. :  having its original qualities unimpaired: such as

    :  full of or renewed in vigor :  refreshed

    :  not stale, sour, or decayed

  1. :  just recently :  newly

  1. :  an increased flow or rush (as of water) :  freshet

    :  a stream, spring, or pool of freshwater

  1. :  breath

    :  the mixture of invisible odorless tasteless gases (such as nitrogen and oxygen) that surrounds the earth

    :  a light breeze

  1. :  to expose to the air for drying, purifying, or refreshing :  ventilate

    :  to expose to public view or bring to public notice

    :  to transmit by radio or television

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