noun \ˈstrīp\

Definition of STRIPE

:  a stroke or blow with a rod or lash

Origin of STRIPE

Middle English, welt, long scar, blow, probably from stripe band on a garment
First Known Use: 15th century

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transitive verb
striped \ˈstrīpt\ strip·ing

Definition of STRIPE

:  to make stripes on or variegate with stripes

Examples of STRIPE

  1. <the children carefully striped the paper with red and blue paint>

Origin of STRIPE

Middle English, to place bands or edging on (a garment), from Middle Dutch stripan, from stripe, strepe stripe; akin to Middle High German strīfe stripe
First Known Use: 15th century

Related to STRIPE

band, bar, streak



Definition of STRIPE

a :  a line or long narrow section differing in color or texture from parts adjoining
b (1) :  a textile design consisting of lines or bands against a plain background
(2) :  a fabric with a striped design
:  a narrow strip of braid or embroidery usually in the shape of a bar, arc, or chevron that is worn (as on the sleeve of a military uniform) to indicate rank or length of service
:  a distinct variety or sort :  type <persons of the same political stripe>
stripe·less \ˈstrī-pləs\ adjective

Origin of STRIPE

Middle English, band or stripe on a garment, in part from stripen, verb, in part from Middle Dutch stripe
First Known Use: 15th century


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