verb \ˈlik\

: to pass the tongue over (a surface, an object, etc.)

: to take (something) into your mouth with your tongue

: to lightly touch or go over (a surface)

Full Definition of LICK

transitive verb
a (1) :  to draw the tongue over (2) :  to flicker over like a tongue
b :  to take into the mouth with the tongue :  lap
a :  to strike repeatedly :  thrash
b :  to get the better of :  overcome, defeat
intransitive verb
:  to lap with or as if with the tongue
:  to dart like a tongue
lick into shape
:  to put into proper form or condition
lick one's chops
:  to feel or show eager anticipation
lick one's wounds
:  to recover from defeat or disappointment

Examples of LICK

  1. He licked the stamp before putting it on the envelope.
  2. The dog licked at the plate.
  3. She licked the sauce off her finger.
  4. The cat licked the milk off her paws.
  5. Flames were already licking the ceiling.
  6. Flames were already licking at the ceiling.

Origin of LICK

Middle English, from Old English liccian; akin to Old High German leckōn to lick, Latin lingere, Greek leichein
First Known Use: before 12th century



: the act of passing your tongue over something : the act of licking something

: a small amount

: a hard hit

Full Definition of LICK

a :  an act or instance of licking
b :  a small amount :  bit <couldn't swim a lick>
c :  a hasty careless effort
a :  a sharp hit :  blow
b :  a directed effort :  crack —usually used in plural —usually used in the phrase get in one's licks
a :  a natural salt deposit (as a salt spring) that animals lick
b :  a block of often medicated saline preparation given to livestock to lick
:  a musical figure; specifically :  an interpolated and usually improvised figure or flourish
:  a critical thrust :  dig, barb
lick and a promise
:  a perfunctory performance of a task

Examples of LICK

  1. Could I have a lick of your ice cream?
  2. It just needs a lick of paint.

First Known Use of LICK



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