verb \ˈbash\

: to cause or allow (something, such as part of your body) to hit something very hard or forcefully

: to hit (someone or something) very hard or forcefully

: to hurt or damage (something) by hitting or beating

Full Definition of BASH

transitive verb
:  to strike violently :  hit; also :  to injure or damage by striking :  smash —often used with in
:  to attack physically or verbally <media bashing> <celebrity bashing>
intransitive verb
:  crash
bash·er noun

Examples of BASH

  1. I bashed my arm against the door.
  2. Someone bashed him over the head with a chair.
  3. They tried to bash the door open.

Origin of BASH

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1750



: a big or exciting party

: a hard and powerful hit or blow

Full Definition of BASH

:  a forceful blow
:  a festive social gathering :  party
chiefly British :  try, attempt <have a bash at it>

Examples of BASH

  1. We threw her a birthday bash.
  2. She gave me a bash on the head.

First Known Use of BASH



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