verb \ˈdash\

: to run or move quickly or suddenly

: to hit something in a violent and forceful way

: to break or destroy (something) by throwing or hitting it against something

Full Definition of DASH

transitive verb
:  to break by striking or knocking
:  to knock, hurl, or thrust violently
a :  ruin, destroy <the news dashed his hopes>
b :  depress, sadden
c :  to make ashamed
:  to affect by mixing in something different <his delight was dashed with bitterness>
:  to complete, execute, or finish off hastily —used with down or off <dashed down a drink> <dash off a letter>
[euphemism] :  1damn 4
intransitive verb
:  to move with sudden speed
:  smash

Examples of DASH

  1. I'm sorry, but I must dash. I'm late.
  2. She dashed down the hallway to the bathroom.
  3. People were dashing inside to get out of the rain.
  4. The waves dashed the boat against the rocks.
  5. Her hopes of winning a medal were dashed after she broke her leg.

Origin of DASH

Middle English dasshen, probably from Middle French dachier to impel forward
First Known Use: 14th century



: a punctuation mark — that is used especially to show a break in thought or in the structure of a sentence (as in “We don't know where—or how—the problem began.”)

: a small amount of something that is added to something else

: the act of running or moving quickly or suddenly in a particular direction or to a particular place

Full Definition of DASH

a archaic :  blow
b (1) :  a sudden burst or splash
(2) :  the sound produced by such a burst
a :  a stroke of a pen
b :  a punctuation mark — that is used especially to indicate a break in the thought or structure of a sentence
:  a small usually distinctive addition <a dash of salt> <a dash of humor>
:  flashy display
:  animation in style and action
a :  a sudden onset, rush, or attempt
b :  a short fast race
:  a long click or buzz forming a letter or part of a letter (as in Morse code)
:  dashboard 2

Examples of DASH

  1. We made a dash for the exit.
  2. <the cavalry officer's dash and enthusiasm inspired his men to follow him into battle>

First Known Use of DASH

14th century
May 27, 2015
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a vigorous reprimand or warning
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