verb \ˈfi-ləp\

Definition of FILLIP

transitive verb
a :  to make a filliping motion with
b :  to strike or tap with a fillip <filliped him on the nose>
:  to project quickly by or as if by a fillip <fillip crumbs off the table>
:  stimulate <with this to fillip his spirits — Robert Westerby>

Examples of FILLIP

  1. <used a splash of orange-flavored liqueur to fillip the otherwise ordinary cranberry sauce>

Origin of FILLIP

probably of imitative origin
First Known Use: 15th century



: an added part or feature that makes something more interesting or exciting

Full Definition of FILLIP

a :  a blow or gesture made by the sudden forcible straightening of a finger curled up against the thumb
b :  a short sharp blow :  buffet
:  something tending to arouse or excite: as
a :  stimulus <just the fillip my confidence needed> <lent a fillip of danger to the sport>
b :  a trivial addition :  embellishment <showy fillips of language>
c :  a significant and often unexpected development :  wrinkle <plot twists and fillips>

Examples of FILLIP

  1. a structural fillip that will add much to the appearance of the building
  2. lent a fillip of danger to the sport

First Known Use of FILLIP



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