noun \ˈstrēk\

: a long, thin mark that is a different color from its background

: a quality that is noticeable especially because it is different from a person's other qualities

: a period of repeated success or failure

Full Definition of STREAK

:  a line or mark of a different color or texture from the ground :  stripe
a :  the color of the fine powder of a mineral obtained by scratching or rubbing against a hard white surface and constituting an important distinguishing character
b :  inoculum implanted in a line on a solid medium
c :  any of numerous virus diseases of plants (as tobacco and corn) resembling mosaic but usually producing at least some linear markings
a :  a narrow band of light
b :  a lightning bolt
a :  a slight admixture :  trace <had a mean streak in him>
b :  a brief run (as of luck)
c :  a consecutive series <was on a winning streak>
:  a narrow layer (as of fat)
:  an act or instance of streaking

Examples of STREAK

  1. He left streaks where he wiped the glass.
  2. The miners had streaks of coal dust on their faces.
  3. a streak of 11 straight victories

Origin of STREAK

Middle English streke, from Old English strica; akin to Old High German strich line, Latin striga row — more at strike
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Mineralogy Terms

agate, host, inclusion, matrix



: to make long lines of a different color on or in (something)

: to go or move very quickly

: to run through a public place naked in order to get attention

Full Definition of STREAK

transitive verb
:  to make streaks on or in <tears streaking her face>
intransitive verb
:  to move swiftly :  rush <a jet streaking across the sky>
:  to have a streak (as of winning or outstanding performances)
:  to run naked through a public place
streak·er noun

Examples of STREAK

  1. A shooting star streaked across the sky.
  2. A skateboarder streaked past us.

First Known Use of STREAK


Related to STREAK

band, bar, stripe


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Colour of a mineral in its powdered form, usually obtained by rubbing the mineral on a hard, white surface (e.g., a tile of unglazed porcelain) to yield a streak of fine powder. The streak's colour is usually constant for a given mineral, even if the mineral varies in colour as it occurs in the field or if the streak is different from the colour of the unpowdered mineral. Streak is diagnostically useful because it may distinguish between mineral species that are otherwise similar in appearance.


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